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ozone.air sparge manifold.jpg

13-well ozone/air sparge manifold with solenoid valves, flow control valves, and quick disconnects for connecting sparge lines.

OEM 2.png

10-well sparge manifold (prior to installation of hardware) illustrates how takeoffs are welded to Type 304 Sch. 40 pipe (no leaks, as happens with threaded pipe manifolds). Welded brackets are added for wall mounting.

And Private Label Products

OEM 4.png

TIG welded

Private Label Web.png

All ozone generators up through High Capacity 450 gram/hour Model HF-450 are available under private label.


Photo shows two of four Model HF-450 ozone generators at a commercial laundry, with a total installed ozone capacity of 100 lbs/day serving 8 washers plus waste water treatment. Power level of all four was raised to increase ozone production.

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