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  • 150 grams/hour, 5% concentration @ 30 LPM oxygen feed, power 1200 watts, 240 VAC, 1Ø,    1 GPM liquid cooled, wall mount fiberglass   enclosure measures 24” x 24” x  16”


  • 300 grams/hour, 5% concentration @ 60 LPM oxygen feed, power 2400 watts, 240 VAC, 3Ø, 1.5 GPM liquid cooled, wall mount fiberglass enclosure measures 24” x 24” x 16”


  • 450 grams/hour, 5% concentration @ 90LPM oxygen feed, power 3600 watts, 240 VAC, 3Ø,  2 GPM liquid cooled, wall mount fiberglass enclosure measures 24” x 24” x 16”


Features and controls common to all High Capacity Ozone Generators

  • 1-100% ozone production modulation (linear, using manual control on cabinet door or remote control via 4-20mA or 0-10VDC external signal)

  • Operating pressure up to 90 psi (eliminates the requirement of a pressure boosting compressor)

  • Liquid cooling using a closed-loop chiller requires only 1.5 ton refrigeration capacity and 2 GPM pump

  • Oxygen flow meter; ozone pressure gauge; needle valve (when used, creates backpressure in ozone cell and allows operation under vacuum conditions by venturi injector); ozone solenoid valve (shuts off ozone supply line when ozone is turned off, to prevent cell flooding by process water backflow)

  • On-delay timer (initiates oxygen purge of ozone cell at startup, to safeguard against electrical arcing damage by condensed moisture)

  • Main power switch with pilot light

  • Ozone standby and running pilot lights

  • Operating status and diagnostics LEDs (array of 10 LEDs on power supply circuit board indicates all normal functions and fault conditions of ozone cell and electronics)

  • Microprocessor on power supply circuit board tracks and automatically optimizes ozone generator performance based on changes in oxygen feed flow, ozone cell operating pressure and line voltage

  • Four (4) year factory WARRANTY when the ozone generator is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s published application instructions.

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