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Ozonology Model HF-50 Ozone Generator  - 50 grams/hour

This unit is customized to client’s specifications for disinfecting N95 masks in a process developed by the Chemical Engineering department of a renowned university, to allow re-use of the masks. The packaged system utilizes two oxygen generators to provide feed gas for the ozone generator. All components are mounted on a 24” x 36” aluminum cart, with wheels to provide mobility. The system is designed with dual flow meters, providing controlled supplies of ozone to two points of use. The system will also be utilized for other applications, including ozonating water for sterilizing equipment and wiping down surfaces.

Ozone generator packages (mobile and stationary wall mount) are designed and fabricated to a customer's own particular requirements. Ozonology's ozone generator product line of 13 models offers production capacities of 5 grams/hour up to 450 grams/hour ozone. This wide range allows tailoring of a package for small applications as well as large applications, and anything in-between. Adding an optional ozone monitor will automatically modulate ozone production to maintain, despite changing conditions, an ozone atmosphere level at a user's setpoint.

Model HF-50

COVID HF-50.png
COVID Cart.png
Mobile wheeled cart under construction, with two oxygen generators mounted. Oxygen generators provide feed gas to the ozone generator.

Flow Meters

COVID Flow Meter.png
COVID Complete.png
Completed unit with ozone generator, mounted on a pallet prior to shrink wrapping for shipment. The entire project, from start to finish, was completed in less than two weeks. The system is to be used for disinfection of N95 face masks.
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