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Ozonology Truck
Mobile groundwater remediation system - turnkey package installed in 48' trailer for air / ozone sparging 60 injection wells at a Superfund site. Cleanup was achieved and system moved to another site.
delivery truck delivery truck
Stationary groundwater remediation system with 24 lbs/day ozone - turnkey package installed in 20' cargo container for air/ozone sparging at 80 injection wells, with PLC for user adjustable timing of pulsed sparging.

Stationary groundwater remediation system with 26 lbs/day ozone – turnkey package installed in 20' container for air/ozone sparging up to 8 CFM at 30 injection wells, with PLC for user adjustable timing of pulsed sparging.
All air/ozone sparge systems and SVE systems are available with telephone dialer to annunciate alarms, or telemetry for remote monitoring and control, and text messaging.

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NEW! SVE Systems - design and build, or fabricated to your specifications. Available with telemetry for remote PC or laptop monitoring and control.

Mobile SVE

10' Container SVE
Stainless Steel Schedule 40 pipe with welded couplings for attachment of sparge line hardware. (Compare this construction to the labor-intensive assembly of muliple tees and nipples, prone to leaks).
KR manifold
cardno manifold section Section of Type 316 stainless steel manifold showing construction, with Swagelok fittings used to plumb all components. Brackets for wall mounting are welded to the pipe.
MADE TO ORDER: Ozonology will fabricate manifolds to a user's specification, and furnish and install all specified flow throttling valves, solenoid valves, flow meters, pressure gauges, etc., then pressure test the finished manifold(s) to assure against leaks upon installation. Such a customized manifold is offered for sale separate from an Ozonology system.

Since 1998, Ozonology has been designing and fabricating turnkey systems for remediation of groundwater. Working with a prospective client’s engineers, together we examine the requirements of a site and, drawing upon Ozonology’s experience in equipment design, conceptualize a system that meets the specific requirements of that site. Ozonology then submits a drawing of the envisioned system for review. Following approval, a quotation with detailed itemization of the proposed equipment and fabrication is submitted for consideration.

In the foregoing process of system design, holding down cost is a key element. To utilize smaller size, thus lower cost equipment, large complexes of remediation wells are divided into multiple groups of 5-10 wells each. One such group is " on line", then sequentially followed by others for pulsed air/ozone sparging. This is equivalent to operating just a small 5-10 well system.

A typical turnkey package system consists of an ozone generator, ozone generator feed gas air dryer or oxygen generator, recirculating water chiller for 12 lbs/day and above ozone generators, rotary screw air compressor, air/ozone sparging manifold or groups of manifolds, flow meters, air/ozone flow rate control valves, pressure regulators, and PLC for integration of system interlocks and monitors, and user-programmable timing of sparging duration.

The package system can be built into a 20’ steel cargo container for stationary installation or a trailer for mobility, or can be provided as component assemblies to install in a job site building. All systems are fully tested before delivery and ready for connection of electrical service and sparge well lines.

Ozonology does not provide any below-grade apparatus, i.e. sparge well components or sparge line tubing.