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Ozone treatment|Ozonator|Remediation
Ozone treatment|Ozonator|Remediation
Ozone treatment|Ozonator|Remediation
Ozone Systems

Ozonology has the experience and capability to design and build pilot plants for aqueous or vapor phase research.


Equipped with:

  • 2 lbs/day ozone generator with ozone turndown control
  • 3 HP rotary screw air compressor delivering 10 ACFM sparge air
  • Oxygen generator (for ozone generator feed gas)
  • Ozone leak detector
  • PLC with 4" HMI
  • Air/ozone manifold with six flow meters and six solenoid valves to control six 3/8" sparge well lines
  • Sparge pressure regulator
  • Ozone pressure amplifier to boost pressure up to 50 psi
  • 120/240 1Ø circuit breaker panel
  • Exhaust/ventilation fan
  • Trailer stabilizer jacks - 4 corners

Uses and Features:

The system may be used for both air/ozone sparging and air sparging only - useful when conducting a pilot study initially with air to determine, among other factors, radius of influence, followed by air/ozone to evaluate the extinction of BTEX, MTBE, PAHs, TCE, PCE and other target pollutants amenable to chemical oxidation.

The system has connections for six sparge well lines. One, or more, lines may be connected. The PLC is user-programmed for the number of connected lines, and will sequentially actuate those lines for the programmed length of sparge time. If a time delay is desired between wells, that is programmable. And, if two wells need to be paired as a group for simultaneous sparging, that is possible (at a reduced sparge flow rate).

A single well sparge flow rate of up to 10 CFM is possible, with adjustment of flow by a flow meter. In addition, each sparge line has a solenoid valve for on-line/
off-line control, and a pressure gauge. Six such assemblies are mounted on a common manifold. If two sparge wells are paired as a group, the sparge flow rate of each is halved. Sparge pressure up to 50 psi is controlled by a manifold pressure regulator.

An ozone pressure amplifier boosts ozone pressure above sparge air pressure, to provide mixing of ozone into the sparge air stream. Unlike other systems which use a separate air compressor for pressure boosting (heat of compression partially destroys ozone), the ozone amplifier boosts pressure via an air driven positive displacement pump. There is no electric motor, and there is no ozone loss under these operating conditions.

Rental rate: $4,995 per month (discount for long term). Mobilization/demobilization is available, or pick up at our plant.

Ozone treatment|Ozonator|Remediation

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