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Ozone treatment|Ozonator|Remediation
Ozone treatment|Ozonator|Remediation

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Incorporated in 1988, with its business located at Northwestern University's Technology Innovation Center, Ozonology Inc. started operations in R&D of low capacity (up to 10 grams/hour), air cooled, corona discharge ozone generators. Sales initially focused on chemistry and research laboratories in the academic field, then other industries. The original three models remain in production to this day, selling into these same markets. The longevity of this product line is testimony to its usefulness, quality, and durability.

In 1991, to meet a need for larger ozone generators, Ozonology designed and began fabrication of units up to 3 lbs/day capacity. This design features air cooled ozone modules of 1 lb/day capacity, with up to three modules in a single enclosure. Each module has its own array of operating controls and is separately powered by a line frequency high voltage transformer.

In 1997, the Company manufactured the first of what has evolved into a 13-model line of OEM ozone generators designed to client specifications - which embrace low cost in volume quantities. These are used in the carwash water reclaim and commercial laundry industries.

Beginning in 2005, the product line was further expanded by the introduction of air cooled, high frequency powered units of 6 lbs/day capacity. With a modification for water cooling, and the use of multiple ozone cells powered by a common high frequency inverter, custom-built units up to 36 lbs/day are available.

The foregoing describes Ozonology's background in equipment, but equipment design and manufacturing is not the sole business activity. The Company also designs and builds turnkey package systems for odor control and groundwater remediation.

Beginning in 1996 with a project for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Ozonology designed its first odor control system for a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The turnkey package consisted of a 3 lb/day ozone generator, ozone modulation controller, air compressor, ozone feed gas air dryer, equipment room ozone monitor and exhaust stack ozone monitor with interlocking controls, and a custom-made ozone/foul air contact chamber. Projects for the District have continued over the ensuing years, with the most recent being commissioned in 2006. Other municipalities, and industries, are controlling foul air emissions with similarly designed systems.

In 1997, Ozonology was engaged by an environmental engineering firm to design and build a groundwater remediation system for a former gasoline station site. The turnkey package consisted of a 2 lb/day ozone generator, rotary screw air compressor, ozone feed gas air dryer, PLC controller, and sparging manifold with controls for six sparge wells. Following on this project have been numerous others for BTEX, MTBE, and chlorinated compound remediation, all designed to the specific requirements of a site and of varying degrees of sophistication. The largest was a 90 well system (now decommissioned due to site cleanup) and the most recent (2006) is mobile with 12 lbs/day ozone capacity. In addition to these systems, Ozonology also supplies smaller ones for pilot testing.

In summary, Ozonology Inc. is a company with extensive background in the manufacture of a wide variety of ozone generators, and one that has the expertise to design and fabricate custom units up to 36 lbs/day capacity. Further, the Company has a proven track record of unique skills and experience to work with clients in the design/build of odor control and groundwater remediation systems. We would welcome a call from you to discuss your requirements.

Ozone treatment|Ozonator|Remediation

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